Picompete Picture Competition

About Picompete

A bit of history

Picompete was orignialy called Vote.Statsr.net and was part of http://statsr.net in the way that they shared some technicals apsects such as servers and libraries, but no data was shared beetween the two apps.
In 2012, the project became an independant service called Picomp'it with its own domain and opens contest possibility to more plateform such as 500px and facebook. In 2013 Picompete takes its actual name to be more international and extends its offers with video competition and uploaded medias.

Who's behind?

Picompete is edited by Mu a small but passionate Web Studio in France.
Mu is dedicated to create web services for photographs and picture enthusiasts, picompete is a good example as it offers photos contests, but Mu has also developped a Pinterest Tool to extends Pinterest possibilities, and a powerfull Flickr Stats service.

Please fill free to visit Mu website to learn more and contact us.

Contact us

Anything to ask before launching your own photo or video contest? Let us know!
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Legal aspects :

Picompete won't do anyhting wrong with your datas! That's what you must know !
If one of you photos appears in a contest and should not, please contact first the contest creator. If he is not responding to your request, let us know.
For further information please read our full Terms of Services