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Turkish Vogue. What happens to spaces of marginalised communities in ethnic diverse neighbourhoods when artists, creatives and other gentrifiers move in? This picture shows a former Turkish trade consulting office in East London which now is an art galler

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To Do Lists and Vacuum Kits. I’m not sure which is the biggest challenge, making the system work or organising myself! By Matthew Acres – PhD student in the School of Materials.

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You and Your Realisation. The wall with graffiti beside the path you walk every day. With Sunlight you saw your shadow on the graffiti. ‘Hmm, who drew these graffiti? When and why? What’s the context? Culture?’ you wondered. And there you go again, a PhD

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Public Engagement, Very Dangerous, Send the PhD Student. I wasn’t sure what safety training I would need in this situation, but then again, I wasn’t planning on getting attacked by my research. By Jenn “Indy” Anne – PhD student in the School of Earth, At

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Mancunian Field Work Wonders. Surely a PhD can be alienating and tiring, but it can make you live some unique experiences that stay with you forever. Here I am proudly representing FC United of Manchester during the Manchester Parade 2013, one of the most

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Created on 2015-02-25

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