Picompete Picture Competition

Frequently asked questions

  1. How does it work?

    For free contest Picompete uses the Vimeo, youtube, flickr, facebook and 500px's API to allow you to add medias to your contests.
    That's why you need to authorize Statsr from Flickr, facebook or 500px, Vimeo or Google. This is safe and secure, Picompete solo reads information from your accounts and will never modify anything!

    If you choose one of our basic or greater plan, you can directly upload your medias to our servers.
  2. Is it available to everybody?

    It is ! Well it is available to all Flickr, facebook, google, vimeo or 500px users including non-pro users for creating a free poll.
    Everybody can use our service, including people with no social account trough a basic or mayor plan.
    In all case everybody can vote on your contest, unless you specify a limitation (ie: your facebook fans or twitter followers)
  3. Is it free?

    We have a free plan to allow users to test our service and create a very small contest, but if you need more options and services we encourage to choose a premium plan
    Free software creators (such as linux distributions) or Caritative association can ask us for a free access to a premium plan.
  4. Ads ?

    People who have opted for a free contest plan, will see some ads on their contest page, sorry for that.
  5. How can I pay?

    We offer card payment trought a trusted partner and we do not have access and don't store your cards data. We Visa, Mastercard and others debits and credits cards.
    We also offer Paypal payment.

    You can contact us if you want to pay trought a bank transfer.
  6. I would like a photo contest for my company with whitemark integration, css personalisation and other language, can you do this?

    Of course, we can! This is available in our "Entreprise" plan.
    We already did it for some big companies with a full integration, send us your texts, your design, we'll make that work for you, contact us.